Tequila Ocho Extra Añejo "La Laja" 2019

Tequila Ocho Extra Añejo "La Laja" 2019

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Origin - Mexico, Jalisco, Los Altos Southern,

Style - Tequila

ABV - 40.0

All of the agaves have come from "Rancho La Laja", a "Laja" is a type of flat stone, therefore the name of the field comes from the abundance of such stones. A rocky field with no trees in it, this is the first time it was used for cultivating agave instead of growing grass to feed cattle. It is located 2km east of La Alteña Distillery, with an altitude just over 2000m above sea level. Rancho La Laja was harvested in October 2019, right after the rainy season, and only the ripe agaves were selected, some left to continue growing, awaiting a second harvest.

This Extra Añejo was aged the minimum time of 3 years in oak barrels used 6-7 times previously. This was done to retain as much of the agave essence without covering it with the oak influence. American and French oak are used.

On the nose, apple juice, grapes, cantaloupe, strawberries, fresh wood, flan, roasted nuts and honey. It is very fruit forward and aromatic. The palate has cooked agave, honey, oak, hazelnuts, candied nuts, and lots of caramel. Slightly dry and very smooth.

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